Monday, November 06, 2006
Welcome To Birthday Blossoms!
First of all a verrrrry warm welcome to my blog! As you can see, I am from New York. It is my home town. This is where my roots are. New York happens to be the place which gave me my identity of being Kate. And you know what, all this took place on today's date. Yes! it happens to be my birthday! And I thought the best way to make my birthday a verry special one would be to start my own blog.

In all these years, I have seen my pals making their virtual personality by way of expressing themselves in their blogs. And I really feel that it is a nice idea of making yourself known to thousands of people. When I was born, I befriended my acquaintances, and now when my blog is born, I can befriend thousands of souls!!!! It's a gift I give myself today...

Yes, my birthday is something quite precious to me. My birthday happens to be the day, when I bacame known to the entire world, it is the day, when for the first time, I became a part of this beautiful world and its people. It is a day when I am flattered with attention, care and wishes. And I believe this holds true not only for me but for everyone.

Oh! One more thing! I would just like to send my heartiest wishes to every one who's here sharing my birthday with me!! Just have fun and enjoy your self! And plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, just don't get upset if your friends have forgotten it. Hey! you happen to be the most important guy or gal,on your birthday, right? So it is enough if you remember it yourself. You know what, there are some unlucky chaps who do not remember their own birthday.

Guess what I'm gonna do today? I was expecting a call from my friend in the morning, but that actually did not happen. I called him up myself told him about it. He sounded quite excited, though I really doubt it!

My birthday can not be celebrated without my friends. So we have planned a small birthday party at home. I am sure we are going to have a gr8 time together. And I am going to surprise them with this blog. Hope you guys are gonna be back for more!

See ya

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