Monday, November 27, 2006
The Birthday Ditty!!
It seems almost like a decade that I am back to my blogging world and had been missing this lil experience so badly!! Life has been really hectic with so much to catch up after the Thanksgiving Holidays. I really dunno from where to begin as I have already had a gazillion of things happening all around me. Trust me, it feels great to be back once more!!
Was just sitting with Browning’s book of poetry, the best Birthday gift that I received this time from Betty, my childhood best fren, something so typical of her!!
The Birthday song, without which I guess no Birthday is ever complete has become so much a part of our Birthday tradition that we have no clue as to when it was written, who wrote it and when did it become so popular. This time it struck me when my frens where singing it aloud in chorus and then did I plan to check out what this four line ditty was all about!!
And here’s what I found. The song was written by American sisters Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893 when they were teaching at a school in Louisville, Kentucky. This was derived from the class room greeting “Good Morning to All”, a legendary song conventionally sung in all the English-speaking countries and has been translated to various other languages across the globe. The all-time official birthday song has been sung in countless movies, television programs and commercials. The birthday lyric was added later. Film footage exists of Marilyn Monroe singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU to President John F. Kennedy on May 19th, 1962 at Madison Square Garden in New York. The song was also occasionally performed in concert (but never on record) by Elvis Presley. This lovely song of cheer was born on 27th June, 1859 and this year, will complete 142 years of excellence.
You can jus check out the video of the historical performance here. The Happy Birthday Song has also been sung by various eminent singers and recorded by some leading recording companies. The Happy Birthday Song has also been incorporated in various birthday greeting cards and also available in music cds along with other birthday songs. While celebrating Birthdays in Restaurants and Café’s more often than not we find waitron come singers jazz up the party by singing the lovely Birthday songs!! We hardly can think of a birthday party without the song. I believe the song is more than a ritual. It actually adds to the spirit of the whole celebration. It cuts across boundaries of age, caste and status. Hmmm!! Now that I’ve read and heard so much of the birthday song tonight, I’m kinda feeling hungry and I guess would only see yummylicious cakes and lip smacking delicacies in my dreams!! What a gastronome I am!! Feeling great and hope to be back with loads more tomorrow!! Here I go..happy birthday la la….
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