Saturday, December 02, 2006
Let your Creativity Run Wild with Birthday Invitations!!

It’s weekend already!! Its colleague’s birthday this Sunday so looking forward to some additional fun. But donno what to wear!! The invite says that the theme for the party is floral. May be I would keep to wearing something sober and simple and match it up with a lovely floral printed scarf and my pretty pink bag with those lovely flower motifs. Pink would be my color. May be I have to borrow a pair of those earrings from Jenny, they would be the perfect pair to go with this…now now…I can jus go on and on thinking and talking about all my clothes on my closet, but may be we can keep it for some other day!!
Being invited to a birthday party is always nice, especially when the invitation is done creatively. You may immediately think it’s going to be exciting because the organizers have thought out the event quite thoroughly, as you can see from the invitation you received.
Birthday party invitations should be fun. It is the perfect project to express a little of your personality and get everyone to celebrate with you. There are no set rules to design such Invitations. If it’s a kid’s birthday you can be whimsical with your card design, you can use the kids favorite cartoon characters too!! And if you don mind spending a little more, you can also send out simple toys as invites and the kids would be more delighted and would be more excited about the party. If it is for a formal invitation like the boss, colleague or friend, the card must possess an air of sophistication. The card should give out the time, venue, theme and dress code. The RSVP portion of the card should have correctly mentioned name and contact numbers of the person concerned. Guests with allergies to certain foods would also have a chance to advise you beforehand. And it is always better to send the invite a week in advance.
You can let your imaginations run while you design those birthday invites. You can check out the book stores for some different varieties of paper in different hues, weights and textures. You can use some cool art supplies to accessorize your card. The computer does a smart job too. It comes handy when you are starved for time. The
e invites are the best solutions for me…they are my best frenz, save me when I'm jus about to loose my face!!
I gotta rush now….need to pick up a Birthday gift for the party too!! Wish you all a happy and fun filled weekend. Hope to catch ya soon!!

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