Friday, December 08, 2006
Looking forward to the day in a big way!!
Tomorrow is the Birthday of a very special person of my life, somebody who means the world to me, who I call my second self. She has been my strength whenever I have been through doldrums, has been my inspiration in all that I have achieved in life and a friend when I ever I needed help and yes, my biggest critic an my biggest supporter too. My mom, who else could she be!!
When ever I sit to think or try to write about her I am into a complete loss of words. And when it is such a special day like her Birthday I just crazy making plans, picking p gifts, planning a party to make her feel on top of the world in my own little way. I look forward to spending some quality time just lazing around in the garden, her favorite place in the whole house. She is so fond of her plants; she literally treats them as children. I love to watch her nurse those tender buds and her excitement over each bloom.
This time I have planned a morning surprise for her. I would drive down to Camden early in the morning and would bake the cake tonight for her. I have already invited all her close frenz and they all promised to keep the secret and said they would get all the lovely shrubs and plants that they’ve grown and would get them as present her for their dear friend. I am so glad that they all agreed to join us for the breakfast, probably a brunch. I am sure that’s gonna be a big surprise for her. And an even bigger surprise awaits her. Dad has planned a holiday to Miami; a place mom just loves to visit. It’s sometime now that they’ve been on a holiday together.
Looking forward to the day so eagerly.
Oh….I forgot to tell you all about her gift…well, let u’ll know the day after!!!
I love you so much Mom. A very Happy Birthday to all the mothers who share the same birthday!!
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