Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Birthday Flowers - Floral Party Theme
May Day is here, and this is the time when you have flowers blossoming all over. I have to arrange a birthday party on May Day(May 1), and I was thinking to make the birthday theme completely floral. The dress code of the guests should also be floral. Gals can wear floral prints and even guys can experiment with floral prints on shirts. The decor should obviously, involve flowers . Guests can bring flowers as gifts. With flowers all around, the best birthday gift to a friend would be nothing but flowers. Dont forget to send Floral birthday cards to the birthday guys and gals. Here are some of them , and also wish each and evryone you know a Happy May Day. Enjoy guys.
Pretty May Blooms For You! Let these beautiful flowers speak out your feelings for your sweetheart/family/friends.
Bunch Of Lovely Wishes! A warm e-wish for all your near and dear ones.
Happy May Day To You! A warm wish for your family/friends/loved ones.
Sweet Thoughts Of You... A sweet e-wish for your beloved/loved one.
Floral Birthday Cards
Birthday Flowers
Happiness Unfolds! A special blooming B'daywish for your friends/colleagues/loved ones.
A Beautiful Birthday Wish! Send these beautiful virtual flowers and wish your loved one on his/her Birthday.


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