Saturday, March 29, 2008
April 1 Birthday - April Birthdays
Hi guys and gals. We are meeting for the first time in 2008. Sorry, was out of town for Jan and Feb. Took a break from life and went back to Wisconsin to be with Granny. Got refreshed out there and also recalled a lot of precious childhood memories with her. april fools day e cards, april fools day ecards, April Fools Day cards, April fools I was walking down the memory lane, and went back to my childhood days of April fools day pranks, April fools day ideas and April fools day jokes on April 1. As one grows up to be an adult, one loses interest in simple joys of life. You can't help! Life is such. Well, while recalling April Fools day tricks during schooldays as a child, I also got reminded of Dana. She was with me in school, and her birthday was on April Fools Day. Now thats what is called bad luck. Being born on April Fools Day? Must be so embarrassing. I remember we used to tease her like crazy and call her Fool Queen . Whenever someone discussed birthdays, Dana evaded the topic or ran off from that spot. good april fools day jokes, free april fools day cards,good april fools day pranks.I was wondering, that people whose birthday falls on April 1 should not celebrate their birthday on that day. If they invite others for a party, others might think, he or she is kidding or laying a trick trap. So, a nice idea would be to throw the party either the day before or the day after April 1, in order to make it believable. Anyway, thats a great idea to fool people by claiming your birthday to be on April 1. Invite people for your party and trick them. But be very convincing while saying that your birthday really falls on April Fools Day. Have a look at these good April Fools Day tricks through April Fools Day cards. Send these April Fools Day cards to your friends, family and sweetheart. These are innovative ways to fool people online.And also wishing all you people born on April 1, a Very Happy Birthday. AHappy Birthday Comments Codes
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