Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Great Gift Ideas For Men - Happy Birthday Cards

Birthday gift for men

I faced no problem ever while buying a gift for another girl or women. But whenever it comes to gifting the opposite sex, I am left clueless. Finally, I decided on spending some time and pen down few gift ideas for men. To be honest, I took a bit of help from few men I know they would be the best ones to approach for gift ideas for men. I thought my gift idea list would be a help also for others, both gals and boys. I know few boys, who find it difficult to shop for others. Shopping for themselves is a cakewalk , but shopping for others can be a real tough task. Anyway, heres a list of gift ideas that would help you.

  • You can invest in an exotic ashtray, or may be a unique lighter,if he is a smoker.

  • If he enjoys beer, you can opt for a Nice beer mug, or gift him a wine or champagne bottle. Wine glasses are also a good choice.

  • For a book lover, books would be the right choice.

  • Buying his Favorite movie DVDs and Music CDs also would be something he would enjoy. Who doesn't enjoy movies and music?

  • You may also consider some gadgets as gifts, like an Ipod, or a nice mobile set for your little bro, or may be some video game or any other you know would please the person concerned.

  • Apparels are a good gift for men of all age. Don't forget Ties for the office goers.

  • If he is into jewelry, do gift him pendants, bracelets, rings and the list goes on. You can also invest into watches; a good set of watch is always adored by men.

  • You can also gift a hamper of toiletries with deodorants, body spray, aftershaves, shaving kit, and others.

  • If he is into biking or driving, you can also opt for related accessories.

  • Some say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so I suggest cook a delicious meal of his choice. If u are confident enough, You can also try out making his Favorite cocktails.
  • Above all don't forget to send him a card, with a small note direct from your heart. That will make him feel special.

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