Thursday, December 07, 2006
Birthday Games I love!!
Birthday Party’s can never be fun without games. They make the party more fun, exciting and enjoyable. Here’s a list of five games that I have always enjoyed playing and feel that these games help you get friendlier with the acquaintances in the party and takes the shy you away in an instance.
At the party some girls secretly fill in the questionnaires. In these questionnaires the girls indicate their distinctive marks: height, color of the eyes, dress cut, jewelries. The leader put all these cards into the box. In the pauses between the dances the leader asks the most attentive youths to act as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot - to find a girl with help of the description given in the card. The youths take the cards and begin to search for the girls. The youth who finds the girl the first is the winner. Then the youths have a dance with the girls they have found.
Improvised Congratulations:
How can you imagine the birthday party without the funny and witty congratulations? Bring some happiness to one whose birthday it is - compose an improvised congratulation. The guests may compose it without difficulty. Ask every guest to say an adjective. Write down all these adjectives. Then take a text of the telegram of congratulation, which needs colorful additions. Say to the guests that you're not responsible for the high artistic merit of this "work of art" and fill in the blanks in this telegram with the adjectives suggested by the guests.Sample text of the telegram:… John! All of us - your … friends - are very glad that you (so…) were born on this … day! Taking a … opportunity we want to make a declaration of … love and … devotion. There are no very many people so … like you. Let's hope that our … life will not separate us and every ... year on this … day we'll gather together around this … table. We wish you … health, … happiness, … years of life! Your … friends.
Each player is given a pencil and a long stripe of paper, where he/she writes the name of any present person. Then the paper should be folded (so as the name cannot be seen) and passed to the player to his/her right. He/she describes anyone's appearance and passes the paper further. In the same way may be asked the following questions: - what kind of character? - What did he/she do? - When? - Where? - What were the consequences? Of course, nobody should know what is written before, while answering. As each paper passed around the circle, one person reads aloud what is written on these stripes of paper. Usually it causes much laughter, because there is a lot of absurdity
The youths are given the cards with the figures. The girls are given the cards with the letters. All the players get into a circle. They choose the leader. The leader is not given a card. He is in the center of the circle. The leader names the figure and the letter. The girl whose letter was named must kiss the leader. But it's not easy! Because the youth whose figure was named tries to prevent the girl from kissing the leader. He tries to kiss the girl himself. If the youth manages to prevent the girl from kissing the leader, he gives the card to the leader and becomes the leader himself.
Treasure Hunt:
This is usually fun for the kids but it can get exciting with the adults too. You hide an object. And then divide the players into two groups. You give five clues to find the treasure. The team which gets to it first is the winner. The game gets interesting depending on how intriguing and imaginative clue that you give is. One clue leads to the other one. Its fun watching them for it also!!
It would be great if you just share some of the party ideas so that next I plan a party I can include them all. Hope you enjoy all your parties and not forget to wish them all and come back to share with me some of your most exciting moments.
Have Fun!!
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